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Banana Boat Dry Balance Sunscreen

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Luxury sunscreens are all well and good, but what if you can't (or don't want to) spend so much on just one product? Banana Boat Dry Balance Sunscreen is without a doubt the best bang for your buck. Only $4.46 for a spray bottle of 6 ounces reduces to only $0.74/oz! You'll still get that high SPF of 50 with that ideal broad-spectrum range, but at a fraction of the cost.

Banana Boat Dry Balance delivers easy application as a quick-dry spray, evenly coating a wide area of skin in seconds. Rub it in just a bit for a soft, matte finish. It's nice and light, and will allow your skin to breathe while still being protected. Like its more expensive competition, Banana Boat Dry Balance is water and sweat resistant for up to 80 minutes, and even actively works to absorb a certain amount of excess moisture. This sunscreen was developed to be used from head to toe.

Consumers generally agree with Banana Boat's product claims. Many, however, find that they must reapply the product to their skin very frequently, more often than what is recommended on the tube, to receive adequate protection; this is especially true after exposure to water for an extended period. And although Banana Boat boasts that the formula is for the body and face, consumers widely agree that it stings the eyes. The final major complaint is that the spray stains fabric an orange color that is then very difficult to remove. Even with these few concerns from customers, it's hard to ask for more from a sunscreen that will protect your skin and your wallet from a serious burn.

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Cheapest option that works nearly as advertised; dry, but shiney; not for face
Light, not sticky, dries quickly, nice scent
Oily, must apply frequently, not for the face, not as water resistant as advertised
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