It's a 10: Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin

Best all around

It's difficult to find a product with as universally raving reviews as It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner Plus Keratin.
Pantene: Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal

Best Drugstore Conditioner

Luxurious, nutrient-rich, and lightweight, there's hardly need for additional hair products
Maple Holistics: Silk 18 Argan Oil

Best All-Natural

The product is effective, acting as it's advertised, and is especially suited for softening and detangling hair
Arts Naturals: Argan Oil Hair MASK

Best Hair Mask

ArtsNaturals works well on most hair types, but not all scalp types.
DevaCurl: One Condition Original Daily Cream

Best for Super Curly Hair

Never have I seen a conditioner with such unanimously high ratings as DevaCurl One Condition Original Daily Cream.
Nioxin Cleanser: System 1: Normal to Thin Looking

Best for Hair Thinning

Those with chemically treated hair will have to go without Nioxin Cleanser


One of the most difficult product categories to review is hair conditioner as well as shampoo. Given the opportunity, people would love to just go out and buy 1 shampoo or hair conditioner and leave it in the shower for everyone to use.

Hair quality varies greatly from person to person so it's really important for you to make sure that you purchase a product that has been designed to work with the type of hair that you have. Hair products for dry hair will obviously not work well with products designed for oily hair. We highly recommend that you stick with products that are labelled for your hair type. You should also look for products for your type of scalp. Using the right hair conditioner can correct a lot of different problems, but using the wrong one can cause new problems that you didn't know you had to deal with.

Another few things for you to keep in mind is that your hair can change due to things like diet, aging and most importantly what you do to your hair can affect what products you purchase. If you typically use a lot of heat to dry or style your hair, you will need conditioners that can prevent or repair damage that you've done to your hair.

We had to use a series of testers and reviewers for this category. Due to the amount of space that we are launching with, we had to limit what we are presenting here, but we will be adding to this page over time. Our methodology started with looking for products that were universally praised by beauty experts and publications. Once we narrowed down our list we began to pour thru hundreds of real user reviews to understand what customers thought of the products. An amount of our reviews are based on review comments that are very consistent among a lot of the customers we either read about or directly asked. Finally, we put the selected products through our own paces to understand what was good and not good about these products.

We highly recommend all of the products that we have reviewed here, with the caveat that you focus on the "best for" statement by each product, which indicates the type of hair that we recommend the product for.