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Since it's widely regarded as "fact," it's easy to assume that all beauty products of notable quality are exorbitantly expensive, right? That used to be true, when very few reliable makeup companies dominated the market. Luckily, with the rise of the internet, many new brands have sprouted to manufacture products with comparable characteristics for a much cheaper cost. BS-MALL is one such brand.

BS-MALL is a Chinese brand with a concentrated line of merchandise. They specialize in makeup accessories - especially brushes. They're so good at what they do, that their Premium Rose Gold Synthetic brush set is the #1 top-selling set on Amazon. Surely a feat like that must be for a good reason.

As a matter of fact, it's for a number of good reasons. The BS-MALL Premium Gold Synthetic set comes with a whopping fourteen brushes for a measly $10.99 at Not hooked yet? BS-MALL's claims that they don't shed are backed by thousands of customer reviews on the site. The brushes are dense and very soft, but not so soft that they'll lose their shape after washing. The fibers are of superior quality (especially when compared to other brushes in this low-price range), and work well with any product formulation, from liquid to powder. If great functionality still isn't quite enough to sell you, take a look at these brushes. They're aesthetically beautiful with a bold black handle and rose gold ferrule. Beginners will appreciate the clear labels on each of the brushes' handles.

There are very few downsides to the BS-MALL Premium Rose Gold Synthetic brush set, but it does have some. Users report that the brushes tend to soak up a small amount of product during use. They also don't come with their own carrying case; but for less than $11, it's hard to complain about that. The final mention is more of an observation than a complaint; upon arrival, the brushes smell a bit of plastic, but after one wash, the smell should dissipate completely. BS-MALL has been made aware of the issue, and now leaves a note in each package reminding the buyer to wash prior to use. Even with these few small concerns, it's clear that based on overall value, the BS-MALL Premium Rose Gold Synthetic brush set is the best overall for anyone at any skill level or price point.

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Very soft, doesn't shed, #1 on Amazon
Soaks up a bit of product, smells like paint before washing, no carrying case
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