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For those of us who don't want to put harsh chemicals (or any chemicals, for that matter) onto our precious head, it makes sense to search for hair products that are all-natural. Maple Holistics Silk 18 Argan Oil is just that. All eighteen ingredients originate directly from nature, including the infused keratin and amino acids, which champion their superior ability to strengthen hair and leave it hydrated, shiny, and soft. Maple Holistics Silk 18 Argan Oil soothes to your hair, softly encompassing each strand individually to prevent split ends. It's equally gentle on the scalp, taking care to thwart dandruff and inhibit premature graying. Silk 18 is for all hair types, including color-treated hair. And what would be an all-natural product if it wasn't cruelty-free as well? Not to worry - Silk 18 has got you covered.

Though the bottle is quite small at 8 ounces, consumers agree that a little goes a long way. The product is effective, acting as it's advertised, and is especially suited for softening and detangling hair. Many also confirm the brand's claim that it discourages dandruff. Most consumers express their love for this product overall, including the indulgent scent of vanilla that remains after use.

Unfortunately, there is no wholesale bottle sold for this product. There's only the one size, sold for $10.95, or $0.73 per ounce. That price is regarded as completely fair, but it's a bit inconvenient to always find yourself questioning whether you've got enough of the stuff on hand for tomorrow. The bottle itself also gets the occasional complaint. Silk 18 is quite a thick formula, and the bottle doesn't have a pump, but a small opening for the product to exit. For the most part, customers only found this to be a slight annoyance - standing there, bottle upside down, waiting for the goop to make its way through the cap to your hand. But the product, they said, was worth the bother.

If all else fails, and the bottle is too frustrating, or as it turns out, vanilla isn't really your thing, Maple Holistics Silk 18 Argan Oil has a 100% money-back guarantee. Worth a try for such a highly-rated product, right?

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