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Purchasing makeup products - especially makeup tools - might be a bit intimidating to a person who isn't already immersed in the makeup sphere. It can seem like a world only for those who are innately talented artists, born with the ability to draw perfectly even winged eyeliner on the first go. But of course, that's far from the case. While some might be lucky enough to start from level three, most of us must put in our work from level one. It can be scary back here at level one.

Luckily, there's a brand that's dedicated much of their expertise to people just like you, who want to learn but need all the help they can get. They're called Real Techniques, and they've got a brush set specifically for you level one-ers out there.

Real Techniques Core Collection comes with a case and four simple brushes: one for contouring, foundation, detailing, and buffing. This collection includes only the extreme basics needed for a full face of makeup. All four are versatile, and of beautiful quality. Because Real Techniques Core Collection is resolute in teaching all that's needed to know to create a flawless face, it employs a color-coded system and an instructional pamphlet in each kit. The bristles are synthetic and non-porous so as not to trap or absorb product, bacteria, or dead skin cells; all that makes it easier to clean, too. Just because they're synthetic fibers doesn't mean they're not incredibly soft. Real Techniques brushes are plush and smooth, able to handle any product formulation from powder, to cream, liquid, or mineral-ware, and give your look high definition impact in any type of light.

Those who have reviewed the set online say that it is as soft as the brand claims. People agree that the brushes themselves are of sound construction; even after many washes, they don't shed, and bounce back to their initial shape and softness as soon as they're dry. Consumers also appreciate that the carrying case can be closed and used for sanitary travel or converted into a brush stand as a vanity display. That's all not to mention the great price: at $16.99 for a set of four quality brushes and a carrying case, the Real Techniques Core Collection is tough to beat. Once you've mastered level one or two, be sure to check out the Core Collection's partner sets; the brush quality is just as impressive all the way down the line.

There are limited complaints about the Real Techniques Core Collection, except that the set is on the smaller side. (Larger collections might be sold with up to 30 brushes!) But for a beginner's set, it makes sense to have so few. Others complain that after a long time of using and washing the brushes, the bristles have the tendency to fall out. But that's okay - after so much time, you'll be a level ten and ready to graduate to the 30+ brush sets!

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The bare basics for those looking to be educated about brushes
Doesn't shed, soft, distributes product nicely, great price
Smaller set - only four brushes, over time, the bristles will come out
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