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Sephora Deluxe Antibacterial Brush Set

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Some have serious struggles when it comes to sensitive skin. All it might take is skipping one day of face washing, and that's it - blemishes find their way onto the complexion. It's incredibly frustrating and a high-maintenance task, especially when it comes to makeup products. There is a fair amount of makeup products that are sold specifically for those with sensitive skin, but it's much rarer to find tools designed in their favor.

Thankfully, Sephora has come up with an entire 7-brush kit for those with sensitive skin: the Sephora Deluxe Antibacterial Brush Set. For $62.00 on, the 7-brush set comes with a stylish silver, clutch-sized case - perfect for travel.

The brushes themselves are endowed with antimicrobial technology, which helps keep the fibers fresher, longer. They're treated with non-toxic, hypoallergenic compounds which attack harmful bacteria. Those who bought the kit offline noted that the brushes didn't arrive smelling like plastic or other chemicals, which is an uncommon feat when buying sets offline in general; no doubt it's due to the non-toxic treatment the brushes receive during construction. The fibers are soft synthetic, and created without animal-testing.

Consumers who rated this product did so highly, confirming much of what the Sephora brand claims for their product. The brushes are beautifully constructed, and don't fray or shed after repetitious washing. That's key, considering those with sensitive skin will likely wash their makeup brushes more often than the average person. Some online reviews noted that this one kit carries all the essentials for makeup artists at various skill levels. Although some buyers thought the price was on the high side (especially when comparing to other basics brands), others stated that the Sephora Deluxe Antibacterial Brush Set was a great value, especially considering its particular treatment for the protection of sensitive skin.

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Great value for senstiive skin; not the best otherwise
Nice construction, Amazing Value, All the Essentials, Great for Travel, Soft/Dense
Missing blush brush, Foundation brush is too small, Real Techniques beats due to price
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