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We know that there are a ton of people that are just worshipers of all things Apple. They love their iPhone, their iPad, their Macbook, their Apple Watch and now many of them love their Apple TV. If you are a true Apple devotee then you have to start looking here. The first version of Apple TV did not support 4K video, which made Apple TV a bit of an afterthought. Recent inclusion of 4K support makes this a decent competitor for the Roku line of products.

Our testers found that Apple TV was fast, but most importantly, it worked seamlessly with all of their other Apple devices. Our testers felt that the Apple TV had the best video quality, as long as you selected the highest quality content format. We did have a few negatives on the content in that the Apple TV forces your tv into what's called HDR mode. Any standard range content tends to look darker than it usually would.

The Apple TV app was somewhere between the Amazon and Roku interfaces. Where Roku really nailed the interface and Amazon we felt was a little lacking, Apple came in between the two of them. Not all of our testers are Apple devotees so the iOS-inspired interface didn't have the appeal across our full array of testers. The interface starts off with an iTunes Movies and TV Show storefront, but you can easily navigate to the app world, which gets you access to channels and services like NetFlix, Hulu and so on.

The hardest thing for us to chew on is the price of Apple TV. For what you are 'really' getting, you are paying nearly twice as much as our favorite Roku. The 32GB 4K Apple TV device has a list price of $179, but we've seen it for $169.99. Unless you are a true believer, the price point is enough to keep most of us away.

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Great picture quality, Apple consistency
Price, Apple first world, no Sling TV
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